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Standard contract form

This standard contract form applies ipso to all product sales completed between:

Article 1 - Object

Maingriz, hereinafter referred to as "the vendor",


The private individuals able to sign contracts and wishing to buy one or many items, distributed on the website that is accessible from the URL address,

Hereinafter referred to as "the customer".

In accordance with the provisions of the article L 113-3 of the French Consumer Code, this standard form contract is brought to the attention of the customer on placement of the order, it can be found on the website

Any services performed by the vendor imply unconditionnal compliance of the buyer to this standard form contract.

Article 2 - Products presentation

The custom drawing examples submitted during the sale are displayed in the "Portfolio" section of the website Photos do not fall within the scope of the contract. The responsability of the vendor cannot be committed if errors have slipped in it.

All the texts and images displayed on the website are controlled by copyright and intellectual property for the whole world; their reproduction, in part or in full, is strictly forbidden without the prior approval of the vendor.

Article 3 - Term for sell offers

The custom drawings are submitted during the order. In the case an already existing drawing is ordered, the customer will be informed of its unavailability, without undue delay, by email. The quote regarding the custom drawing applies for 4 months.

Article 4 - Prices of the products

The request for a quote is done through the "Order" section on our website. The amount of the VAT is indicated on the quote handed over to the customer for the creation and shipping of his drawing.

The shipping of the original drawing to Europe is chargeable.

The vendor reserves the right to change his prices at any time, but the products ordered are billed according to the price stated when the order is placed. The proposed rates include the discounts that the vendor would grant given his results or certain services borne by the buyer. No discount will be conceded for early payment.

Article 5 - Order

The customer confirms his order when he pays the entirety of the order after receiving the quote sent by email.

Before this confirmation, the client can review all the elements of his order; he can therefore rectify potential mistakes. The vendor confirms the order by email; this information includes, in particular, all the elements of the order and the right of withdrawal of the customer.

The data registered by the vendor consitute proof of the nature, content and date of the order.

The latter is archived by the vendor in the manner and legally required time; the customer can be given access to this archiving by emailing the service at the following address:, or directly through the contact form.

Article 6 - Terms of payment

To confirm his order, the customer has to pay for it by check, bank transfer or Paypal. The drawing will then be submitted electronically to the customer within the quote's agreed deadlines.

Article 7 - Shipping

The shipping of the original drawing is only possible within Europe provided that the customer has chosen this option when requesting his quote, he can also ask for the original to be sent once the drawing is completed. The original drawing is delivered with no guarantee on how quickly it will be handled. The delivery deadline varies according to the address. It is set, for an address in mainland France, at the date of the payment + 20 days and, for other destinations, at the date of payment + 1 month.

Article 8 - Customer relations / After-sale service

For any information, question or complaint, the customer can contact, from Monday to Friday, from 8am to 5pm, the Customer Relations Service of the corporation, by email at the following address:, or directly through the contact form..

Article 9 - Drawing changes

Within the 3 months period after the first draft has been submitted by email, the customer can request as many changes as he wants on his project, provided that they remain consistent with the style, size and finishing touch of the original drawing ordered, and that the starting main idea remains the same. The addition of elements as well as the coloring of the drawing will be charged separately from the initial payment. The refund of the order can be requested only if it is cancelled within the 5 days period after the confirmation of the order.

Article 10 - Applicable law and jurisdiction

This standard form contract is governed by the French law. Any dispute between the vendor and the customer arising from the creation, interpretation or execution of the sale"s contract will be a matter, failing an amicable solution, for the territorial competent Courts.

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